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1. Who is DBS Jewellery?

DBS Jewellery is a longstanding family business specializing in the art of jewellery making. The name DBS is derived from the initials of the founder and their father. With over a decade of experience, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality 22ct gold jewellery through constant innovation and a commitment to excellence.

2. Is all DBS Jewellery truly 22ct?

Yes, all our jewellery is made of 22ct gold, ensuring a purity of 91.6%. Each item is hallmarked, a government-approved standard that certifies the purity of the gold and authenticates DBS Jewellery.
*Please note – laser engravings can sometimes leave a dark halo around the hallmark, this can easily be removed by lightly rubbing with a microfibre cloth.

3. Why do you plate the jewellery with 24ct gold?

We enhance the lustre and durability of our 22ct gold items by infusing them with a layer of 24ct gold through a process known as gold plating.

4. How are you able to offer your items under RRP?

We manufacture all our items to our specifications and sell directly to customers, allowing us to pass on savings and offer competitive prices.

5. What is a Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a crystallized form of Zirconium Dioxide. Known for its affordability, durability, and diamond-like appearance, CZ is often used in 22ct gold jewellery.

6. Why don’t you use diamonds in 22ct jewellery?

The malleability of 22ct gold makes it less suitable for expensive diamonds. Cubic Zirconia provides a durable and cost-effective alternative.

7. Why haven’t we seen branded jewellery like yours locally?

As manufacturers, we wanted our jewellery to stand out in a crowded marketplace. All DBS items adhere to strict quality guidelines and come labelled with details about the item, size, and weight.

8. Will you always have 10 UK ring sizes?

Yes, we aim to provide a product readily available in various sizes. Popular sizes may sell out faster, but we will restock them promptly.

9. How do I measure my finger?

Refer to our ring size guide for assistance. Contact our Customer Care Team ­­­__ for personalized advice.

10. Does the price include VAT?

Yes, all prices include VAT to maintain transparency and keep costs as low as possible.

11. Does the price include free delivery?

Absolutely. All prices include free delivery within the UK, with orders shipped the same day for next-day delivery. You will receive a tracking number for your parcel.

All deliveries must be within the UK at this time.

12. Why does the price of the item change?

Our prices are linked to the global gold commodity price, which fluctuates daily. We strive to keep our prices low by maintaining slim margins.

13. How do we know we have bought genuine DBS Jewellery?

All our items bear the ‘dbs’ initials, found on the inside of the shank. The hallmark, issued to DBS Jewellery, will also feature these initials.

14. Are you based in the UK?

Yes, we are proudly located in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, known as JQ.

15. Are we able to visit you?

At the moment, we are unable to accommodate visitors. We appreciate your understanding.

16. Will you introduce further items and/or designs?

Certainly! We are dedicated to continuous innovation. Send us images of desired items, and if approved, we’ll introduce them to our website and may even name the range after you!

17. Are you able to make bespoke items?

Currently, we focus on producing high-quality 22ct gold items at affordable prices. To stay informed about new ranges or bespoke items, sign up for our newsletter.

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